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Limited Participation Notice

Due to the time it takes for the experience ticket sales are limited for all experiences.

The promoter reserves the right to end sales without notice.

Based on the overwhelming response from 2020 and 2021 under a restructured event, the Haunted walk in the woods is BACK! This is several NEW trails.


The Haunt @ Tree Tops Park is a physical walk through the woods, which adds an organic element, to the experience. The suspense, talent, and natural environment will add to the scares and surprise the most seasoned individual. We provide free options, if requested, when you arrive on site that will alert our characters to tone down the frights.


This is a psychological experience that will have you returning for years to come.

Photo Oct 11, 9 38 50 PM.jpg

Trails, Fast Fass, &"R.I.P."

Want more scares?  This year we have 3 uniquely themed trails to terrify! Each trail is a 15+ minute walk. For those looking for an extra thrill we offer a "Touch Experience" Add-On.

Hate the wait?  We also offer an upgrade option for our Fast Pass allowing you to skip the line at each trail.

Don't want a reservation time and want to skip ALL the lines?  Purchase an R.I.P. admission ticket.

Twilight Experience

Our twilight experience was developed by popular request for a family friendly, mildly scary experience. We open one of our trails in the safety of light before dusk, allowing families to bring their young ones for a "not so scary" experience. Ideal for ages 10 and under with a reasonable maturity level.


*Due to the rough natural terrain strollers are not permitted.

When you arrive

If you purchased a GA ticket with or without a Fast Pass.  You must arrive early and enter the Check-in line at the time listed on your reservation up to 30 minutes after.  Your ticketed time slot is NOT when you enter the trails. Please note, for a more enjoyable experience all attendees will drive directly into the park and will not be checked in at gate. You will park and go to the entrance of the haunt and enter the designated line.

What time do I need to arrive?
 We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your slotted ticket time; however, the ticket time IS NOT your time to enter the trails. This is the window you are permitted to enter the Check-in line.  'RIP' ticket holders do not have a specified Check-in time.

Is alcohol served at the event?
YES, Beer and Wine is available for purchase.

 Is there food at the event?

We have concessions, drinks, as well as multiple of the BEST  Food Trucks will be available.

Are there bathroom facilities on site?
YES, we offer portables which are cleaned prior to each weekend.

Is there a cost for parking?
Parking costs $5 and Premiere Parking is also available.

What do I do when I arrive at Tree Tops Park?
After you enter the gate, drive straight back until you see event area and park. Walk to the check in area by the woods. Once checked in, you will enter the correct line to receive your passes to the trails.

Does the event STOP if there is rain?
Typically NO, if there is  light inclement weather we either run or delay but do not cancel. In the event of extreme circumstances, we may postpone, in which case you will be provided with an alternative date: typically, the Sunday after your original scheduled date. You are also permitted to bring a poncho or raincoat. We do have limited inventory of ponchos on site.

What if I cannot show up and there is an emergency?
You may transfer your ticket via the ticketing software. Due to the limited make-up dates available, unfortunately, there are NO refunds, and you may not change to another day.

Is this event COVID Safe?
This is an "open air" outdoor experience making this event safer than almost any indoor haunt experience.

Is This Haunt Drive?

NO, this event is a physical walk through our terrifying Haunted Trails.




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