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The Story of La Bruja

Many generations ago there was a troll of a man named Wayland that lived in a shack next to the swamp with his family.


He was vile, dishonest and extremely lazy.


Because of this no one wanted to work with him. 


One time a processing plant that was a few towns over hired him to transport barrels of waste to a treatment facility for disposal.  


Wayland loaded the barrels onto his pick-up truck, drove straight home and dumped them in the woods next to his shack, a decision that would drastically impact the area in the future.


Even with all of his bad traits, he was one of the better Bush Lads, which is how people mockingly referred to him and his kin.


Everyone knew to stay clear of them. They were mean and nasty and most of them would gut you just for looking at them.


After several decades of exposure to the toxic waste the Bush Lads began to mutate.


One of them mutated differently than the rest. She was able to do things that normal people can't do. 


On account of her unexplainable abilities, she was nicknamed La Bruja (The Witch).


One Halloween, when she was barely a teenager, she was at the circus and a clown snuck up on her and scared her.


She screamed and fell backwards. Everyone started laughing and pointing at La Bruja as she sat on the ground with the clown taunting her.


This infuriated her and she screamed, "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!".


Out of nowhere a deep fog rolled in. Then the screaming began as the once cheerful clowns began massacring everyone.


During the commotion La Bruja ran into the forest, and never came back out.


It is rumored that she still haunts the forest and at the beginning of every Halloween season she casts a spell that releases her hordes of terrifying monstrosities into the woods.


This October be cautious when walking through the haunted trails or you could run into the undead or the Bush Lads. Or if you’re really unlucky, La Bruja and her twisted clowns.


Do you have what it takes to survive The Haunt?       

Be on the lookout for the vile creatures and the undead that infest the woods. 


The Tormented Trail leads past the toxic dump that the Bush Lads call home. They were frightening before they mutated, now they’re absolutely terrifying. Avoid them at all costs.


Whatever you do, do not enter into La Bruja's Graveyard make sure not to cross paths with her latest victims turned minions.

If at any point you cross paths with La Bruja, no matter what happens, DO NOT look at her.


Those that do are cast into the Psycho Path, where they are terrorized by her evil clowns for eternity.


The first trail is set deep in the twisted woods, where Wayland's dilapidated shack still stands as a testament to his treachery. Guests will traverse the toxic swamp, where the air is thick with the scent of decay and the eerie glow of mutated flora. They will encounter the Bush Lads in various stages of mutation, grotesque creatures that now roam the forests, serving as a living reminder of Wayland's sins. These outcasts will attempt to frighten and intimidate the visitors, a reflection of their own fear and anger at the life they have been forced to endure.

On the second trail, guests will be led through the heart of the woods, where the Twisted Clowns reside. The air here is filled with the echoes of their demented laughter, and the remnants of their circus props now wielded as weapons of terror. These once-happy entertainers, twisted by La Bruja's curse, will torment visitors with macabre performances and chilling acrobatics. The experience will push guests to face their fears and question the true nature of the clowns – are they merely victims of the curse, or have they embraced their dark transformation?

The third trail takes visitors to the abandoned summer camp, now a living nightmare swallowed by the forest. Guests will navigate the sinking buildings, the trees with skin-like bark, and the ground that squirms beneath their feet. They will encounter the former camp staff, now twisted and monstrous, forced to relive their horrifying transformations in an endless loop. The campground will serve as a chilling reminder of the consequences of ignorance and the power of the curse that binds this land.

The final trail will lead visitors to the darkest depths of the forest, where La Bruja's most terrifying minions lurk. Here, the mutated wildlife will spring from the shadows, attacking with ferocious intensity. The trees themselves will seem to come alive, their twisted branches reaching for unwary guests. At every turn, the minions will test the visitors' resolve, pushing them to the brink of terror as they struggle to escape the forest's clutches.


Throughout all four trails, La Bruja can be seen, her haunting presence a constant reminder of the power and reach of her curse. She will appear at unexpected moments, manipulating the environment and her minions in a terrifying display of her control over the region. Her haunting gaze will follow the visitors, challenging them to confront the darkness that surrounds them and to survive the horrifying legacy of Wayland's curse.


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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