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Booking Refund Protection Terms

1. Administration:
All refunds under this policy are administered by The Haunt.

2. Definitions:

  • Booking/Booked Event: Pre-planned and pre-booked service(s), event(s), or ticket(s) including associated fees.

  • Doctor: A medical practitioner registered with a recognized professional body. This cannot be the claimant or their immediate family member.

  • Emergency Services: Police, Fire and Rescue, or Emergency Medical Services.

  • Illness: A condition confirmed by a doctor that prevents attendance at the booked event.

  • Injury: A bodily harm confirmed by a doctor that prevents attendance.

  • Public Transport Network: Public transport excluding public hire taxis.

  • Ticket: A non-refundable ticket purchased from us with Booking Refund Protection.

  • We/Us/Our: The Haunt.

  • You/Your: The individual or group that made a booking.

3. Refund Conditions:
Refunds will be provided if you cannot attend due to:

  • Unexpected public transport disruptions unknown prior to the event.

  • Injury or illness affecting you or immediate family.

  • Death of you or immediate family within 4 weeks of the event.

  • Mechanical breakdown, accident, fire, or theft of a private vehicle en route.

  • Unforeseen jury service.

  • Burglary or fire at your residence within 48 hours of the event requiring emergency services.

  • Unexpected court witness summons.

  • Unexpected overseas military posting.

  • Adverse weather with official travel warnings.

  • Permanent job relocation over 100 miles from the event or unexpected compulsory redundancy.

4. Exclusions:
Refunds will NOT be provided if:

  • No doctor’s report is provided for injury or illness.

  • All unused tickets or vouchers aren't returned.

  • Non-attendance due to another group member's inability to attend.

  • Visa issues prevent attendance.

  • The event is canceled, abandoned, postponed, curtailed, or relocated.

  • Public transport disruptions were known prior to the event.

  • Temporary job relocation or applied relocation over 100 miles from the event.

  • Any part of the booking can be recovered.

  • Insufficient travel time was allowed.

  • A criminal act prevents attendance.

  • Travel bans due to contagious disease outbreaks.

  • False or fraudulent refund applications.

  • Refund request is made more than 45 days post-event.

  • Travel or associated expenses are claimed.

  • Events arise from war, terrorism, malicious intent, vandalism, or government actions.

5. General Conditions:

  • Attendees must plan to arrive on time.

  • No known circumstances should exist at the time of purchase that might lead to a refund request.

  • Reasonable precautions must be taken to avoid refund requests.

  • All communications and contract aspects are subject to English laws and courts.

  • Refund protection can be canceled within 14 days of purchase if the event hasn't occurred. Contact the vendor within this period.

6. Refund Request:
Email within 45 days of the event if circumstances arise that might lead to a refund request.

7. Required Documentation (provided at your expense):

  • Original unused tickets and vouchers.

  • Doctor’s report or death certificate.

  • Official transport disruption notice.

  • Vehicle breakdown or accident report.

  • Jury service invitation.

  • Police report for burglary.

  • Court witness summons.

  • Valid visa.

  • Official weather warning.

  • Any other evidence we deem necessary.

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